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How are late charges calculated?
You will be charged at whatever rate you would pay if you had booked for that period. For example if you rented for one day and wanted to keep it for another day, you would be charged the two day rate. We'll just charge you the difference when you return the equipment.

HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: You need to notify us if you intend to be late in case the equipment you rented is reserved for somebody else. If you don't let us know you will be late, the late charge will be one million dollars.

Can I please cancel my reservation? Pretty please?? With a sugar on top?
Sorry no can do. Once equipment has been booked for you, we are not able to rent it to anybody else.
What kind of skis and snowboards do you rent?
We have both regular and high performance skis. Brands include Head, Rossignal and others! Call for a complete list.
Are there group rates?
We try to keep our prices as low as possible already so at this time there are no group rates.
Deposit Information
(by credit card, debit or cash)

ski/snowboard package $200
hi perf. ski package $300
ski/board only $150
clothes $80
snowshoes $100
Pick up and drop off times
For current store hours
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Equipment can be picked up the day before after 2pm and dropped off the day after the last day of use before 2pm. For example, for a one day Saturday rental, you can pick up on Friday after 2pm and drop it off Sunday before 2pm.
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Sports Junkies has a variety of different skies and snowboards for rent. There are high performance rentals as well as standard rentals. Most rental equipment are no older than two seasons old. For current rental brands and models, please call us. Sports Junkies - the place for ski rentals in vancouver!